Kamal Kumar Bhumbla, President & CEO

Founder Member of ICEF
Executive Member of AAERI from 2000 to 2006
India Treasurer of AAERI from 2004 to 2006

BN Overseas’ goal is to break the traditional way, study abroad consultants and IELTS training institutes operate. Unlike others, BN Overseas’ focus is towards providing innovative and reliable services to students, through highly trained counselors and teachers, and a responsible approach to business, where trust and ethical practice is of paramount importance. BN Overseas is not the run-of-the-mill study abroad consultant and IELTS training institute. BN Overseas was founded on the principle of guiding promising students desirous of studying abroad, to the right college, based on the initial analysis of each individual student’s overall compatibility.

The focus of our IELTS Training and English language courses is on alleviating the fear of English among the young students and career men, and women. There are large number of students and others who fail to make much headway in their studies and career, as a result of poor English language skills. Our endeavour is to provide easier and more affordable access to high quality English language programmes, like Spoken English, General English and Business English.

We take pride today that we have successfully nurtured the lives of thousands and made them succeed. And, all this was built with utmost sincerity over the last 22 years of our corporate existence.



Inception of BN Overseas

1996 – BN Overseas starts operations with a single office in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. BN Overseas was founded with the objective of counseling students for Australia study options. BN Overseas was founded on the principle of ethical business practices coupled with a compelling client service.

BN Overseas Adds NZ

1998 – BN Overseas started offering counseling services to students desirous of studying in New Zealand.

Start Of UK and Cyprus Counseling

1999 – BN Overseas expands their service portfolio with the addition of United Kingdom and Cyprus, the two popular study destinations, abroad.

Start Of Ireland Counseling

2000 – BN Overseas expands their service portfolio further by adding Ireland, to its growing list of popular study destinations, abroad.

Start Of Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland Counseling

2001 – BN Overseas takes a quantum leap in the study abroad counseling space by adding Canada, France, Germany, Singapore and Switzerland to their bouquet of study abroad services.

Start Of Chandigarh and Ludhiana Offices

2003 – BN Overseas expands its operations into the key cities of Chandigarh and Ludhiana.

Start Of Toronto, Canada Office

2006 – BN Overseas expands its operations into Canada by opening an office in Toronto, Ontario.

Start Of Ahmedgarh Office

2007 – BN Overseas expands its operations into the upcoming town of Ahmedgarh in Punjab.

Start Of Nawanshahr Office

2008 – BN Overseas expands its operations into the promising city of Nawanshahr in Punjab.

Start Of Second Office In Jalandhar

2009 – BN Overseas consolidates its operations further by starting their second office in Jalandhar.

Start Of Bathinda Office

2015 – BN Overseas starts its operations in the important city of Bathinda, Punjab.